What it Takes - How To Become a Derby Diva

The Inland Empire Derby Divas are from all walks of life. Our players are an all female flat track, skater owned and operated roller derby league, which encompasses San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. With these wide set boundaries, we encounter many different athletic talents from our players. We are women who have families, jobs and all the other things that life can bring. We, being woman of diverse backgrounds, come together for a common cause: to enjoy the company of the people around us and to play our skates off at our bouts. Not because we have to, but because there is something in each and every one of us that reminds us that we can do what we love to do. To us that's Derby

Physique is irrelevant, and it doesn't matter if someone hasn't worn skates in years! The Divas hold practice sessions to teach the rules and basic skating techniques, and there is no contact or competitions until the league is confident that skaters can do so safely. We also encourage our players to skate whenever they can in addition to our weekly practices.

The Divas practice at least two days a week with the league and one day with their respective teams and they always begin with stretching and warm-ups to prohibit injuries. Some practices focus on endurance and maneuvering. In endurance and agility practice, we use traditional drills similar to hockey exercises that skaters have developed themselves or learned from other leagues. These drills reinforce our ability to start and stop, fall without injuries, skate at fast speeds and dodge obstacles. Other practice sessions involve scrimmaging.

For interested new members, please CLICK HERE for the Newbie Packet. If you have a relatively new version of Adobe Reader (available here) or Adobe Acrobat, you can fill out the form and email it in. Otherwise you can print and complete packet and mail it in.

Please bring a copy of the completed packet with you when you come to visit us at practice.
Practice takes place Mondays and Wednesday from 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm at Cal Skate in Grand TerraceClick here for a map.


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