Derby Name:
Kwyet Wryot
Head Coach

Year Started Coaching:
Why I Started Derby:

I started playing roller derby after watching Whip It and I needed to lose weight. I thought it would be a good way to handle some anger management issues. 

When did you start playing roller derby?

I started playing in November 2010 and had my first bout in March 2011. I broke my hand in October 2011 and reffed until 2013, when I finished nursing school, and remained with IEDD until July 2014. I then transferred to SoCal Derby. At the beginning of 2015, I transferred to Angel City Derby Girls, where I played with the Shore Shots (B team). I made the Hollywood Scarlets in June 2015 (A team) and then retired in May due to an ongoing custody battle for my kids. Since my transfer in 2014, I frequently stopped into IEDD practices to help coach and share drills. In terms of rec leagues, I have been playing co-ed derby with the LA Flakers, C&E since they started up and for the My Little Ponies (undefeated banked track team). I've also skated for Team Bitraxual and Team Reject.

Why I Started Coaching:
I decided to become a coach after retiring from ACDG to be able to meet the emotional needs of my family. I still wanted to be involved with the sport and to be able to share any and all knowledge that I was fortunate to gain from the different teams I have skated with.
Why I Love Derby:
What I love about roller derby is that it brings so many people together that originally wouldn't be for one common passion.
My Goal for IEDD:
My goal for IEDD is to bring up the skills level and the overall improvement of the team. I want for opponents to fear the team because of their dedication on and off the track.
My Favorite Quote:
"Your time is running out. You're never going to get it back. Make the most of every moment. Stop saving the best for last." -Incubus

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