Derby Name:
Our Lady De Quadalupe "Quad"
Assistant Coach

Year Started Coaching:
I have been teaching skating off and on for 10 years. 2007
Why I Started Derby:

The empowerment of Skaters/Sisterhood/Team Work

When did you start playing roller derby?

2006 in Texas. I've been Roller skating for 46 years. I have skated both Artistic and Speed competitively.

Why I Started Coaching:
It is a new local league and they needed a FM coach to help out. I'm always down to help local leagues when I'm not traveling for Roller Sports.
Why I Love Derby:
It's a contact sport . . . LOL. What's not to love?
My Goal for IEDD:
Have the FM skaters move seamlessly to team players. Have FM be very grounded in skating skills not just Roller Derby.
My Favorite Quote:


Life lesson; We roller skate. Relax and enjoy. Don't take it too seriously. Be nice to other humans!

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