Derby Name:
Rainbow Smasher
Derby Number:

Positions: Head Referee, Jam Referee, Inside Pack Referee, Outside Pack Referee, whatever the game needs lol.

Year Joined IEDD or became a Referee: Somewhere around 2010-2011

Why did you start Reffing for IEDD?
My roommates at the time joined IEDD as skaters and I started going to practices with them to watch. Eventually I started NSOing games and from there Reffing.

What do you love about being a referee for roller derby?
Being a referee gives you a special vantage point on the games that you can’t get any other way. You’re part of it but still a spectator.

Have you been a referee for other leagues? If so, which ones, and in what capacity?
I’ve ref’d for almost every league in Central and Southern California over the years, a couple in Arizona and Nevada as well. I wasn’t kidding when I said almost every league out here, way too many to list lol. Over the last couple years I’ve primarily inside pack ref’d games but I’ll fill whatever position they need lol

What is your favorite position to ref?
I think my favorite position to do is Jam Ref.

How has becoming a referee impacted you?
Becoming a referee has made me more confident. I work hard to be as knowledgeable about the game and the rules. Having other officials and skates feel confident enough in my abilities to come to me with question and scenarios is something I take great pride in.