Derby Name:
Derby Number:

Position: NSO

Year Joined IEDD:
NSOed for my first bout sometime in 2017

Why did you start NSOing for IEDD?
My significant other plays for IEDD and I was the go-to guy for explaining the mechanics and rules of the game to family and friends in the audience at bouts. I figured I might as well start hanging out with the refs during practice to learn more of the nuances of the rules and ended up helping them out at practices and scrimmages for a few months before I was asked to jam time for an actual bout.

What do you love about being an NSO for roller derby?
I love the energy and camaraderie among officials at a bout. Everyone is always in a good mood and it’s not as stressful or demanding as I imagine officiating other sports might be. It makes it fun and fulfilling to work together to solve problems and keep things running smoothly. Also the host team gives me free food sometimes.

Have you been an NSO for other leagues? If so, which ones, and in what capacity?
Haven’t NSOed for any other leagues yet but am open to the possibility. If a league asks me to help out and I can be there I’ll do it.

What is your favorite position to NSO?
I like jam timing the best because it gives me the chance to actually watch the game since most of the work involved is done in between jams.

How has becoming an NSO impacted you?
Being an NSO has given me a place and purpose within IEDD and the derby community at large that I didn’t have before and I’ve come to know so many people that I wouldn’t have otherwise. What used to be a sport that I merely spectated has become a little part of my life that I cherish.