Derby Name:
Derby Number:

Positions: NSO/ FFF Team Dad

Year Joined IEDD or became a NSO: 2015

Why did you start NSOing for IEDD?
Well... Once the derby community knows you NSO for your home team, It’s not like you can just go Spectate w/o being offered a refund of your entrance fee and being asked to NSO.

What do you love about being an NSO for roller derby?
I love being a part of the on track action while still allowed be in the background.

Have you been an NSO for other leagues? If so, which ones,and in what capacity?
I started NSO’n with my Home Team the Foothill Foxy Flyers, IEDD has become my Second Home but I’m always willing to jump in and help at any Bout I attend, I just have one Rule “I don’t NSO while my Daughters are Bouting” I need to be able to cheer and enjoy watching them Grow as Players.

What is your favorite position to NSO?
PenaltyTimer and Score Keeper (but I’ll go where needed).

How has becoming a NSO impacted you?
NSO’n and Roller Derby have given me; A Family Activitythat has brought me closer to My Daughters, A Tight knit group of friends that All are so different from the group I usually hang out with, A job at Empire Skates where I get to share what I’ve learned about the Sport and it’s Gear. Roller Derby has Honestly become an Almost Daily part of my life and I’m glad to have found it.