Derby Name:
Big Poppa
Derby Number:

Positions: Announcer, NSO, Coach

Year became an announcer: 2011

Why did you start announcing for IEDD?
To have the opportunity to announce for a great organization, with great people, that wants to do great things.

What do you love about being an announcer for roller derby?
To be able to share the sport I love with other people. Every bout I go to is like a family reunion.

Have you been an announcer for other leagues? If so, which ones, and in what capacity?
I have announced for:
- Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
- Dirt City Roller Rats
- Westside Wreck Hers
- West Coast Derby Knockouts
- and Foothill Foxy Flyers

What is your favorite play to call?
When the pack is tight and both Jammers enter the back of the pack and suddenly one Jammer pops out of the pack in the front and the other is swallowed by the pack.

How has becoming an announcer impacted you?
I have meet some amazing and talented people. I have MC'd conventions, and even became a Wedding Officiant. Most of all it has brought me closer to my favorite of favorite Roller Derby Girl, my daughter.