Derby Name:
HELLena Hex
Derby Number:

Position: Head NSO

When did you start NSOing for IEDD?

I started NSOing for IEDD in February 2017.

Why did you start NSOing for IEDD?

NSOing was something I was interested in doing since I started roller derby in 2016. In order to be great at roller derby you need to combine skills and strategy. You can’t have strategy if you don’t know the rules, and NSOing is a great way to learn the rules. I had a few months of downtime after an injury and decided to start training as an NSO while I recovered.

What do you love about being an NSO for roller derby?

I love being an NSO because I get to use all my nerd skills like tracking stats in spreadsheets, looking for trends, and learning complicated regulations. NSOs who know what they are doing are always popular at tournaments so I get to meet lots of great people. I’m also a lot more aware of how teams have differing playing styles and am always on the lookout for strategies that I can incorporate into my own skating.

Have you been an NSO for other leagues? If so, which ones,and in what capacity?

My first time NSOing was for Foothill Foxy Flyers. I spend most of my time with IEDD, but I’ll assist with other leagues in the area filling in for whatever they need.

What is your favorite position to NSO?

My favorite position is penalty tracker because it’s in the middle of the action. But I’ll do any position, especially if it means that I can help train a new NSO.

How has becoming an NSO impacted you?

Since becoming an NSO, I have a lot more confidence in what I’m doing. When I started roller derby I only had a vague understanding of what was going on (this is a fast game and it can be easy to get lost if you don’t know what to watch for), and now I’m in a position to help and provide guidance to newer players.