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Why I Started Derby:
Needing an outlet outside of school to deal with depression. I figured with my propensity for aggression and a need for a team sport it was a good match. I was right.
Fun/Interesting Fact About me:
I'm a plant biology major, and in the first 2 weeks at university I had managedto shatter a 2 story window with a skateboard (and no I did not have to pay for it).
Why I Love Derby:
How supportive the community is. No one gets mad if you screw up, they let you know what you did wrong, show you what you're supposedto do and make sure you know it's ok, and that everyone has been there. You're bound to find people who will be there for you.
My Favorite Quote or Life Lesson:
Treat others how you want to be treated, not how others treated you.