Derby Name:
Barb Dwyer
BOD Title:
Skater Advocate
Derby Number:
Position Played:
Year Joined:
January 2017

Other Leagues:
Why I Started Derby:
I decided to play roller derby after having a roller derby themed birthday for my daughter. It started as a joke, but here I am.
Why I Love Derby:
I have been in love with roller derby since I first heard about it when I was 14. I just never got the opportunity to play. I have been skating pretty much my entire life and I am finally doing something that I have always wanted to do. I have met some amazing people who want nothing more than to see me succeed in this sport. It has been so much fun getting to know my fellow players and learning how to play this awesome sport.
My Favorite Quote:
"Eat your vegetables, not your friends." I heard this on the radio in 1994 and haven't had meat since.