Derby Name:
Brick Wall Brandy
Derby Number:
Position Played:
Year Joined:

Other Leagues:
Have you ever been a member of another league? Yes, and I've loved every single experience and team! I skated for The Dirt City Roller Rats (DCRR) for 7 years! Skated with Derby Revolution of Bakersfield (DRB) for 1 year. Westside Wreck Hers 1 year and guest skated several times for Wasteland Roller Derby. It's all been amazing!
Why I Started Derby:
I've always loved skating. I've been skating since i was 4 years old. My family would have to tear me away from the rink! Naturally when I was approached at a rink and asked if I played roller derby my response was "No, but where do I sign up!" I went to my first practice with DCRR in 2010 and was hooked! I was going through a recent loss. My youngest daughter had just passed and these amazing women and men were there for me and carried me through it all. They became my support family!
Why I Love Derby:
Roller derby is family....its for all! It saved me at a time when i needed it the most. Its a huge community of awesome people doing amazing things! #rollerderbysavedmysoul
My Favorite Quote:
"It will never be perfect. Make it work." - LIFE