Derby Name:
Spunky Bruiser
BOD Title:
Derby Number:
Position Played:
Pivot, Blocker
Year Joined:

Other Leagues:
I skated with the Prison City Derby Dames from October 2014 through 2016. I started with IEDD the 2017 season.
Why I Started Derby:
I was looking for something where I could get some exercise and meet new people. I used to roller skate as a kid so I found a roller derby team online and thought, I have got to try this! These women are beautiful, sexy and totally badass! I want to be all these things! So I went to a practice and have been obsessed ever since!
Why I Love Derby:
I love roller derby because it's challenging mentally and physically and makes me feel like a badass! I also get to hang out with some pretty amazing people.
My Favorite Quote: