Derby Name:
Rip Current
Derby Number:
Position Played:
Jammer, Blocker
Year Joined:

Other Leagues:
Why I Started Derby:
I have seen and knew about roller derby, but was too scared to join because I thought I wouldn’t be good enough. I saw the ladies of IEDD at a Christmas Parade in Redlands. They skated over and gave me a card. I was very interested and followed IEDD on Facebook. When the Recruitment Night post went up, I decided that I needed to stop being scared I wasn’t good enough and just do it already. I absolutely love it and can never see myself not doing it.
Why I Love Derby:
I love everything about this sport and this team. I love the competitive nature of it, the physical aspect, the amazing strong women that are so very supportive and always encouraging, and the challenge it presents to get better with every practice, scrimmage, or bout.
My Favorite Quote:
“We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!” Family is everything to me and this is a quote that my family and I live by.