Derby Name:
Jewsin For A Bruisin
Derby Number:
Position Played:
Year Joined:

Other Leagues:
Roc City Roller Derby - Rochester, NY (2010)
Why I Started Derby:
After seeing the move, Whip It, I thought the sport seemed so fun! I went home, googled the local derby team and went to watch a bout the next weekend. After realizing derby is even cooler in person, I was hooked immediately and for life!
Why I Love Derby:
What don't I love about it! I love the community and all the amazing people I've met during the journey. I also love the physical aspect of it. Working out intensely because you want to be the best that you don't even realize you're getting a good workout. It's a great stress reliever that way, too.
My Favorite Quote:
"The world is a roller coaster and I'm not strapped in. Maybe I should hold with care, but my hands are busy in the air." - Incubus, Wish You Were Here

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