Derby Name:
Battlescar Galactica
Assistant Coach - Betties

Year Started Coaching:
Why I Started Derby:
My friend brought me to a bout and I thought it was the coolest sport I had ever seen. I have always loved roller skating, so it just made sense!
Why I Started Coaching:
I enjoy showing other women how bad ass they can be, even when they don't think they can! It's awesome to see skaters progress and become excellent players.
Why I Love Derby:
The women and the workout! I've always felt like a misfit around most girls until I joined roller derby and found a whole gang of misfit women who were just like me! Also, I love working out to the point of exhaustion and roller derby will definitely do that for you. There's no better feeling than knocking a skater off her feet and then high-fiving your best friends about it.
My Goal for IEDD:
To inspire the Betties (new skaters) to push themselves to become Vixens and eventually Divas. I am excited to see the Divas work towards becoming a WFTDA team.
My Favorite Quote:

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