Derby Name:
Koach Ko-Man-D-Her
Head Coach

Year Started Coaching:
Why I Started Derby:
I originally got into it when my wife and other past speed skating friends of hers started the High Desert Derby Devils. No one really knew how to play it so they asked me to coach simply because they thought everyone would respond to me better than one ofthe girls. I read and learned along with the rest of the original team and eventually figured it out. Of course we evolved into DCRR sometime later and the rest is history.
Why I Started Coaching:
In the early years of coaching when we were all learning the game we all struggled together. As I and the rest learned we obviously passed our knowledge on to the pinkies/freshies who thus didn’t have to go through the growing pains we did starting out. It was very rewarding to coach seasoned girls coming on with us and elevating their game.
Why I Love Derby:
I’ve played/play/coached many different sports. What’s unique and intriguing about derby is that it’s the only sport I know of maybe other than boxing I where you are playing offense and defense at the same time. The mental awareness required to effectively play this game is in my opinion greater than any other sport.
My Goal for IEDD:
IEDD’s charter is the next evolutionary step for me as a coach and many of the “B” girls on this team some of who are girls I coached in the past. I’m sure like before this next level is going to bring challenges for all of us and as a coach I’ll get to evolve and learn new things to bring this league to a level it’s never been at hopefully with the the same success I was able to accomplish for DCRR
My Favorite Quote:
I don’t have a famous quote that I use but any of my seasoned vets will tell you my favorite word is “cognizant”. I use it a lot because this sport requires it like no other.