Inland Empire Stripes Back

Referees & Non-Skating Officials (NSOs)

The Inland Empire Stripes Back is a dedicated group of Roller Derby officials serving the area and keeping all this crazy action in check. As an all-volunteer group they are always recruiting and training new officials to staff the bouts and make sure that games are safe and fair.

The IESB provides several opportunities to train and learn with local leagues every week. There is a place for everyone as officals are both skating and non-skating.

Don't know how to skate? They can teach you! You'll get to meet and work with people from all over the area and all walks of life. Best of all, you'll be helping roller derby progress and grow as a sport, and provide a safe environment for the skaters.

Come out and meet them, or contact them at or on their Facebook page and become a part of the most exciting and upcoming sport in the world!


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Derby Name: Rainbow Smasher
Derby Number: 18