Derby Name:
More Tisha
Derby Number:
6 ft. Under
Position Played:
Blocker, Jammer
Year Joined:
End of 2017

Other Leagues:
Tried to play in Prescott Arizona , the name escapes me, but I was too fresh off a knee injury and couldn’t physically do it. Played for a few years for dirt city roller rats of Victorville.
Why I Started Derby:
I needed a hobby and I could already skate so that was half the battle, and I never cared for regular sports.
Fun/Interesting Fact About me:
I am a licensed embalmer & funeral director (licensed for 17 years ) hence the derby name.
Why I Love Derby:
I like that we kick each other’s butts in the game and then can all party and be cool after. Not typical of team sport.
My Favorite Quote or Life Lesson:
"Whatever you do, do it well."